About Lucro

Being a Realist

is revolutionary these days.
About Lucro

The People

As the core of LUCRO, we are 3 entrepreneurial technocrats who are convinced that practicality and resourcefulness are more beneficial than impulsiveness and extreme solutions. Hence, a responsible and innovative approach to plastic makes more sense to us than a definitive ban. We center our work on achieving this approach, as well as facilitating it for others.



About Lucro

The Work

LUCRO has always been in the business of harnessing the possibilities of plastic. We manufacture engineered plastics that serve across categories like automotive, home, retail, and institutions, among others. We like to be in control, especially when it concerns quality and reliability. For this, we have set up our own certified manufacturing plant equipped with the latest machines and qualified plastic technologists who empower our vision of innovative and modern products.

Over time, we have become the sole suppliers to some of the leading national and international OEMs across India. We’re also proud creators of EcoPRO - our own line of eco-friendly range of compostable products.

We are a certified PRO providing end-to-end plastic waste management services to both public sector and private sector organisations.

The Philosophy


We like to keep three things at the root of what we create – Environment, Community and Business. But we understand that a change in the environment and community cannot be empowered unless more people join in. Hence, we made our business one of India’s few certified PROs – so we can enable more organisations to meet sustainability goals, and contribute in reducing plastic wastage.

The Vision


Lead the transformation of plastic usage by changing it from a linear to a circular economy.

Engage Plast-E-Cycle TM to Retrieve | Recycle | Remake | Return To Earth

Reduce carbon footprints and achieve eco-sustainability by providing cost-effective solutions based on innovation, quality and service.

The Mission


Be a global leader in recycled products by thoroughly integrating a closed loop recycling system.

Provide high quality, innovative and eco-friendly products worldwide.

Partner organisations and institutions in both public and private sectors to help them attain their sustainability goals, year on year.

Our Certifications