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We are Lucro. A well-integrated waste management, recycling and product manufacturing company helping the transition towards a better tomorrow by ensuring that plastic stays in a circular economy. We provide sustainable solutions for businesses by creating high-quality products from post-consumer waste.

what we do

We create a Circular Plastics Economy by collecting post-consumer waste in our collection centres and recycling it into final packaging products at our facilities. We also provide brands with a sustainable packaging solution in the process. We close the loop on plastic waste with our trademarked process - Plast-E-Cycle.
This process lets us recover the plastic waste collected from waste-pickers, NGOs, aggregators, and brands and recycle it into granules, which form the final packaging and products.



We collect material from various channels like waste-pickers, NGOs, aggregators, and brands. Our waste-pickers empower us to build a better tomorrow, and we empower them by working directly with them and maximizing their earning potential. We have also been directly working with Information, Education and Communication (IEC) to boost plastic collection and create a conscious community, and they help us create a better tomorrow.

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material science

Our proprietary De-inking, Dry wash, and De-odourizing solutions remove dry ink, absorb oil and contaminants, and get rid of the dirty odour from granules allowing more brands to adopt Lucros' PCR. Thus, enabling upcycling of waste. We also work closely with brands to make sure that the end product is 100% recyclable and implement design aspects and personalisations according to the brands’ needs.

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Our products enforce a circular economy of plastic by turning post-consumer plastic into final products for brands, helping them transition from virgin packaging to PCR. We provide practical and sustainable packaging solutions for brands by converting waste into various granules - Flexible packing, PCR granules and Ocean Bound granules, with a wide range of applications.

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We have collaborated with SATMA CE, a blockchain-based platform that tracks every aspect of the waste management value chain. It also segregates between the type of waste picked up, the geographical location, the waste-picker who picked it, and the method of recycling as well. Lucro has been a critical player in the architectural development of this software that enables us to keep post-consumer waste within the Circular Economy.