Restoring Ecosystems by creating a Circular Economy for Plastic waste


Even today, every minute 1 truckload equivalent of plastic is dumped into the ocean.That is how much plastic waste goes into the Oceans.  Our aim is to address this problem.

We are the first Indian plastic waste management company that is truly closing the loop on plastic waste.

Our model is one that is well integrated. To be able to do what we do so well, we handle every aspect of waste management; addressing and solving every problem that has come our way. Not only are we collecting plastic waste, but we’re also segregating, sorting, cleaning, recycling into granules and manufacturing final product made of this waste that we collect. Though our process, we’re increasing the value of the waste by making a higher value end product - a transition to a truly circular economy.

To understand why what we do is so important, let’s give you a little background first-  Only about 9% of plastic waste ever generated globally has been recycled until today, about 12% has been incinerated while the vast majority of 79% is accumulating in landfills, in oceans disrupting ecosystems everywhere.

80% of the waste we recycle is post-consumer waste- this is the dirty, mixed plastic waste that is thrown by all of us in our waste bins- this is the waste that will end up in landfills or get incinerated. We are also diverting waste that goes into the ocean by specifically collecting plastic from within a 50 km radius from ocean shores.

Our goal is to:
1. Ensure that plastic waste stays in the Circular
2. Create higher value products made from post-consumer plastic waste.
3. Create a sustainable business – one which is environmentally, economically and socially sustainable.

There has been an increased amount of plastic waste created through this pandemic, seeing and realizing this, we have recently added more collection facilities and are currently capable of collecting about 21000 metric tons of plastic waste – to give you an appropriate comparison – in the next 5 years we are looking at potentially collecting plastic waste that can fill up about over 100 boeing 747’s .

With over 40 customers spread across the globe, we’re helping some of the biggest brands that consume some of the largest amounts of plastic globally close the loop on their plastic waste through our Circular model.

We have created a truly sustainable business- one that is economically, socially and environmentally sustainable. By recycling  plastic not only are we using significantly less energy , we’re also replacing virgin plastic with recycled plastic and saving huge quantities of greenhouse gases, addressing climate change, air pollution and restoring our ecosystem.

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